About Us

Advanced Data Centers develops superior data centers. ADC has teamed with experts in engineering and design with a total combined portfolio of building 500 data centers and mission critical facilities. ADC executives alone have 30 years’ experience in data center management, construction, and investment. Each data center is designed to exceed today's requirements and support the constantly growing demands of future technologies.

Company Highlights

  • Founded: 2006
  • Corporate office: San Francisco, CA
  • Data Center location: Sacramento, CA

Data Center Team

Bob Seese

  • Advanced Data Centers’ Chief Architect
  • Completed more than 800 data center audits worldwide, and amassing a vast library of the “best and worst practices” in the design and operation of those facilities
  • Designed and built more than 500,000 square feet of mission critical space worldwide
  • Co-author contributing to "The Business Case for Energy Management in High-Tech Industries", Energy Efficiency Journal, Volume 1, Number 1 / February, 2008 and "High Performance Data Centers", a report that summarizes the recommendation from the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Integrated Design Charrette Roundtable
  • Founding member of the Critical Facility Roundtable

Holder Construction

  • Ranked #1 on ENR's Top Ten Data Center Contractors List
  • Constructed more than 7 million square feet of data center space worldwide
  • Experience on more than 85 data center projects in the last 10 years

Rumsey Engineers

  • Specializes in HVAC energy efficiency, which translates to lower cost of ownership for ADC customers
  • Led by Peter Rumsey, Managing Principal of Rumsey Engineers, Rocky Mountain Institute Senior Fellow, and ASHRAE Fellow
  • Designed and analyzed critical facilities for more than 15 of the world's leading electronics and biotechnology companies on three continents

The Engineering Enterprise

  • Designed and engineered more than 60 data centers
  • Led by Chuck Shalley, expert in the design of large capacity power distribution, uninterruptible power, emergency power, life safety, and special building control systems
  • Clients include Apple, Oracle, Equinix, Symantec, and Wells Fargo


  • Designed more than 300 critical facilities
  • Specializes in High Density Cooling, providing Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling for each ADC customer to confirm that equipment operates within its design parameters
  • Has 57 LEED accredited professionals for sustainability

Wright Line

  • Specializes in the effective utilization of existing physical infrastructure and cooling capacity within the data center focusing on scalable airflow management solutions
  • Celebrating 75 years as a US manufacturer of server racks and enclosures, command & control consoles and modular workbench systems for data centers, computer labs and NOCs
  • Clients include ESPN, Sungard, Google, Verizon, Amgen, Lockheed Martin, Merck and Royal Bank of Scotland to name a few


  • A consulting and project management firm that serves as the client’s trusted advisor
  • Expert experience in providing strategic planning, design and project management for: data centers, data cabling, networking, phones, security, audiovisual, and building management systems
  • Clients include Yahoo!, VMware, Gymboree, Elan Pharmaceuticals, ValleyCare Health Systems, JFK University, and Contra Costa County

Environmental Responsibility

ADC recognizes that data centers are utilizing a growing percentage of the total electrical energy consumed, currently estimated to be two percent of the total energy in the U.S. alone. As a baseline, ADC utilizes the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards as a template. ADC has dedicated significant resources and design efforts to ensure that our centers are designed and operated in a responsible manner, maximizing the productivity of every watt of power used, and employing construction methods and materials that minimize environmental impact.


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